It’s time to toughen up, Deano

Deano may be about to face his worst nightmare – prison. How will he cope? Not very well, says EastEnders star Matt Di Angelo

What is it with Deano? He’s acting like there’s nothing really up…

“Deano’s in denial. He doesn’t want to think about the reality of the situation. It’s just his way of coping. But I think he also feels a sense of relief that the lie is over and he’s had his beating from Sean.”

But prison is a real possibility, even his solicitor thinks so…

“Yeah, but he still doesn’t believe that’s what’s going to happen. He can’t imagine being sent down. He tells Chelsea that he’s sure they’ll just get their knuckles rapped and I think that’s because that’s what he wants to believe.”

It’s his mum Shirley who puts the real fear of God into him…

“She sits him down and spells out the true gravity of his situation. And it freaks him out. She’s trying to help him face up to reality but when she starts to give him advice on how to cope in prison he loses it. His brave front totally crumples and he admits that he’s terrified. The truth is Deano doesn’t think he could cope at all with being banged up.”

Kevin’s furious at Shirley and he tries to boost Deano by telling him how proud of him he is – does it work?

“He doesn’t see what there is to be proud of and as for brave, forget it! Between them Shirley and Kevin have made him face his fear and he knows he can’t face what’s to come. So that night while everyone’s asleep he grabs some things and his passport and does a runner in the middle of the night.”

Which basically leaves Chelsea to carry the can. Doesn’t he feel guilty about running out on her?

“Throughout this whole thing he did what Chelsea asked. If he hadn’t listened to her, he’d have told the truth long before it came out. Now he figures it’s every man for himself.”

With news that the Wicks family has been axed, is this arrivederci to Deano?

“No. I’ll be on screen until early next year and at the moment nobody knows what my exit storyline will be.”

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