Jacqueline Jossa: Fans react differently to Lauren

EastEnders actress Jacqueline Jossa has revealed that she gets a range of different reactions from fans over Lauren Branning’s ongoing drink problem.

Jacqueline – whose alter ego’s alcoholism is set to land her in even deeper trouble when she punches Lucy Beale this week – said that she loved the way in which different groups of viewers responded to the storyline.

“I love it because I get little old ladies like, ‘Oh, you need to stop drinking please,’ and I’m like, ‘Okay'”, she said.

“Then I get the party animals at the clubs like, ‘Yeah, she loves a drink,’ which is always good because I get free drink.”

The actress added that while she also liked a party she didn’t go out nearly as often as Lauren did. 

“I go out one night a week at most and sometimes I can’t even do that,” she admitted, “Lauren’s nearly every night.”

However she admitted there was a more serious side to the story, saying Lauren would need to get worse before she got better.

And Jacqueline added that she hoped forthcoming EastEnders storylines might make others think more about their own drinking habits.

“The storyline coming up is pretty shocking. I very much hope it hits home for viewers watching,” she said.

“The only person who can help Lauren is herself. For a while, there was a chance Joey (David Witts) might have been able to, but he gave up.

“So until Lauren realises she’s got serious problems, she’s not going to get better.”



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