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Soap Awards: Jacqueline Jossa – I have no idea what’s coming next in the EastEnders scripts! (VIDEO)

A British Soap Awards red carpet interview with the actress who plays Lauren Branning in the BBC1 soap

Jacqueline Jossa paid tribute to the EastEnders writers and the way they keep things unpredictable for her character Lauren Branning.

Lauren has just discovered she’s pregnant in the BBC1 soap, just as her relationship with live-in partner Steven Beale is disintegrating and she seems to be developing feelings for her new boss, Josh.

Jacqueline said she had no idea what was about to happen next in Lauren’s world.

She told What’s on TV at the British Soap Awards: “We’re on TV at the moment [Lauren] is pregnant, every single script I’ve got since has been ridiculous, like every week I’m reading I go ‘Oh… my… god.’ It’s ridiculous. It’s not just one thing, it’s every week it’s something new and you have no clue…

“I see all these tweets and they’re like ‘I see what’s happening, it’s going to be Josh’s baby, it’s so obvious.’ And I’m like ‘Hahaha, you think you know, you don’t know.’ I love that because it’s not usually like that. Usually you can guess, but I can’t even guess… I know what I’ve seen in scripts and that’s all I know.”

Jacqueline continued: “It’s a really different way of working and at first I was like ‘I need to know, I need to know!’ But now I’m like ‘You know what I’m going to buy into it and I’m going to trust them.’ I cannot wait!”

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