Jake Wood warns Max’s marriage may be wrecked!

EastEnders’Jake Wood warns Max’s lies could cost him his marriage if Phil tells Tanya…

We knew Max was having money troubles but how has he been foolish enough to end up receiving threats from Phil?

“The Mitchells bought an insurance policy from Max, but he cancelled it and took the money. After the fire at The Vic he was about to be caught out so he got a mate to pose as a loss adjuster and tell the Mitchells the insurers wouldn’t pay up as the fire looked like an inside job. He wasn’t clever enough though… Phil’s sussed him out and he wants his money – or else…”

Is he afraid of Phil?

“Not for himself but Phil’s threatening to go to the police… and to Tanya and that does worry Max. He knows she’s not going to be happy if she finds out he’s been lying again.”

How much does Max owe Phil?

“It’s £13,000 and Max is broke. The credit crunch has hit him and he’s been juggling money for about six months. He has an overdraft and the bank won’t lend him any more money. He’s desperate.”

We hear he stoops to a new low and cons Heather. How?

“Max overhears Shirley and Heather discussing their windfall. He talks Heather into buying life insurance so George is financially okay if anything happens to her.”

How can he steal from a single mum?

“Max has got a conscience but he’s thinking about his own survival. He wants to keep his family at all costs.”

How much does Heather give him?

“A few thousand but it’s not enough for Phil and he again threatens to tell Tanya.”

How will Max get the rest?

“By ripping off other people – Ian’s next.”

Why hasn’t he confessed to Tanya?

“Max thinks he can wriggle out of situations and admitting to debt would be a blow to his manhood. But Tanya would have understood and he’d have kept his family.”

So are you saying this could destroy his marriage?

“Yes. The problem between Max and Tanya has always been honesty. If Tanya finds out she may never trust Max again.”

With Jo Joyner on maternity leave it doesn’t look good…

“She’s off now for seven months so, yes, something big is planned for Max.”

What will he do without her and the kids?

“Hit rock bottom I guess…”

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