Jan 2: ‘What Mick don’t know won’t hurt him’… The Carters continue to keep secrets in Enders

EastEnders fans all over Britain held their breath while Ronnie (Samantha Womack) lay lifeless in hospital on New Year’s Day after her baby boy’s birth… Then her heart started beating again… Phew!

In the following episode, it’s Nancy (Maddy Hill) who’s holding her breath, as she allows Shirley (Linda Henry) to settle back in at the Queen Vic – against her dad Mick’s wishes.

Tina (Luisa Bradshaw-White) tells Nancy: “What Mick [Danny Dyer] don’t know won’t hurt him”, clearly not realising that now is not the time to be keeping more secrets from Mick, who has just found out that Dean (Matt Di Angelo) raped Linda (Kellie Bright) and that Shirley is his mother, not his sister, making Dean his brother, with Buster (Karl Howman) as their father. Which all means that Stan (Timothy West) and Sylvie (Linda Marlowe) are his grandparents, not his mum and dad.

Will Nancy realise that now is the time to be making her dad happy, not mad?

EastEnders, BBC1, Friday, January 2, 8.00pm.

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