Jane and Bobby confess all?

Trying to keep the secret that Bobby (Eliot Carrington) is the one responsible for the death of his half-sister, Lucy, has been eating away at Jane (Laurie Brett) since Lucy died in 2014.

With everything that’s happened over Christmas, Jane knows she can’t protect Bobby any more.

Jane breaks down, knowing that the truth about Bobby is a secret no more…


Then Jane herself was the victim of Bobby’s temper recently, when he pushed her down the stairs.

Kathy (Gillian Taylforth) tried to point out that Bobby might be more dangerous than Jane was willing to admit.

Her heart breaking for her son, Jane makes a difficult decision


But it was only after Bobby heard from Sharon’s son, Dennis, that he was the one who killed Lucy and flew into another violent rage, that Jane really had to face the truth about her son…

Jane and Bobby go to the police, but what would a confession mean for Bobby – and Jane?


Jane realised that Bobby is a danger to himself and others and that she had to take him to the police and confess everything that really happened the night Lucy died.

Bobby and Jane look scared as they approach the police station


Ian catches Jane at the police station – but is he too late?

But when Ian (Adam Woodyatt) finds out her plans, he has other ideas…

Ian finds out about their plans, and rushes to the police station. But can he stop Jane from doing what she feels she has to do?

EastEnders continues on BBC1 Boxing Day, 7.30pm.


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