Jane Beale the new bookies’ favourite to be Lucy’s killer in EastEnders

Laurie Brett has admitted she is excited by the prospect that Jane Beale could be Lucy Beale’s killer in EastEnders.

The actress has returned to Albert Square after last being seen in the BBC soap in May for step-daughter Lucy’s funeral, and bookmakers have shortened the odds of Jane being unmasked as the murderer when the big reveal happens at the end of the year.

Laurie confessed: “I was quite excited. I have no idea why she would do it, but even though she is motiveless, if it is something that has gone wrong then anybody is possible to have done that. If it is Jane I can’t wait to see how it came to be her. At the stage we are filming at, it could be any of us really. [Executive producer] Dominic always said when it is revealed everyone will go ‘Ah’, so yes it could be me.”

But even if Jane is exposed as a killer, Laurie – who first appeared in EastEnders in 2004 – revealed she is not expecting to be sent off to prison.

She said: “Even if I am the murderer, nobody said that I can’t stay. I don’t think I will be going anywhere in the next year or two and I know there is quite a lot of stuff ahead.”


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