Jane is certain something bad’s happened to Ian

Ian’s vanished and all the clues lead Jane to believe the worst has happened, explains EastEnders actress Laurie Brett…

What exactly has happened to Ian? Is he in South Africa, and if so, why’s his passport still at home? Jane is starting to get very worried…

“Jane didn’t know that Ian went to meet ‘Cindy’ but immediately she fears the worst. She’s sure Ian’s disappearance has got something to do with the harassment he’s been getting and is terrified something bad has happened.”

And instead of sharing her concern, the police believe he’s actually left her!

“They tell her that it’s possible he invented the whole harassment thing as a ploy leading up to vanishing. That he did it all to get out of the marriage.”

But Jane’s having none of it. She thinks he’s in real danger…

“She turns detective herself, checking up on the phone calls Ian has made and opening his mail, looking for clues.”

Even the kids believe he’s done a runner, don’t they?

“Lucy tells Jane that she thinks Ian is with Cindy and blames Jane for him leaving.”

And does that make Jane think twice? Does she wonder just a little bit that he might really be with a woman who’s supposed to be dead?

“Jane doesn’t know what to think but she certainly doesn’t think Cindy’s still alive.”

So convinced is she that ‘Cindy’ is behind it that she even suspects Cindy’s sister Gina…

“Gina shows up with a photo of Cindy junior and Jane accuses her of kidnapping Ian. She thinks ‘Why would this woman drive all the way over here with a photo?’ It doesn’t makes sense to Jane.”

When a stranger turns up at the door however it might all begin to make sense to us. Although Jane has never seen the person before, it is a face from the past that we most certainly have!

“Jane doesn’t make any connection between the arrival and Ian’s disappearance and when the police tell her they’ve found Ian’s abandoned car she’s too distraught to think of anything other than that Ian might really be dead.”

And when we see the way the mystery person reacts to the news of the found car, we reckon her fears could be spot on!

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