Janine’s Christmas revenge…

EastEnders‘ Charlie Brooks talks to Soaplife about who Janine has it in for: Ryan, Stacey – or both of them?

We all know that Janine is not the sort of woman you want to cross, but unfortunately for Ryan, he didn’t cotton on quite quickly enough and ends up in hospital when she tries to poison him.

Soaplife talked to Charlie about how Janine found out Ryan’s affair with Stacey – and what she does about it… “It’s Pat who tells Janine about Ryan and Stacey,” Charlie reveals. But the revenge is all Janine…

So what does Janine do when she finds out about Ryan’s affair?

“She sobs like a child. Then she wipes the tears away and says, ‘Those are the last tears I am ever going to cry over him’ and Pat says, ‘What are you going to do love?’ And Janine replies, ‘I am going to kill him’.”

And Soaplife knows she means it…

“Yes. She ends up crushing pills and giving them to him. I don’t know if she wants to kill him at this stage, I think she wants to knock him off his feet so he can’t see Stacey any more. Pat gets very worried and Janine palms it off as bad flu, but Stacey ends up calling an ambulance.”

Is Janine sorry?

“No. She tries to kill him again in the hospital. She is going to rip his breathing apparatus out, but she has a bit of a breakdown and is unable to do it. She does ultimately love him, but she doesn’t know how to deal with hurt. I love the bit where Ryan wakes up in hospital and Pat says ‘You’ve had pneumonia love’ and Janine says ‘No you haven’t, I crushed up pills and tried to kill you.’ Then she adds: ‘I tried to do it again in here by the way’.”

Is she a cold-blooded murderer?

“I have absolute sympathy for Janine and will defend her until my dying day. She did all this through heartbreak and if he hadn’t had the affair in the first place, none of this would have happened.”

Soaplife wonders if there’s any way back for them or is it over between Janine and Ryan?

“She does actually say ‘I forgive you’. She knows she has absolutely pushed it too far and thinks that her behaviour and his probably cancel the other out. She wants to try and mend her heart but the only way she can do that is by having him and trying to kill Stacey…”