Carol Jackson is used to getting her heart broken by David Wicks in EastEnders, but she’s devastated when she learns her husband-to-be has had a heart attack on her wedding day.

When lothario David (Michael French) fails to turn up for their wedding, Carol starts to think she has been jilted at the altar. But, elsewhere, David has collapsed clutching his chest.

Carol’s daughter’s Sonia and Bianca Jackson – played by Natalie Cassidy and Patsy Palmer – also worry that their mum has been stood up.

But then Bianca’s son Liam Butcher (James Forde) arrives to break the news that David has, in fact, had a heart attack.

EastEnders bosses confirmed earlier this month that Michael French is leaving the soap.

So when these scenes screen on BBC One tonight, fans will be left wondering if David survives.


Press Association