Jilted fiance’s plea to get Jesse Wallace back

Jessie Wallace‘s former fiance Vince Morse has reportedly admitted his ‘sordid sex fantasies’ wrecked the couple’s relationship, but he desperately wants her back.

The EastEnders star called off their wedding at the last minute on Monday after the 50-year-old catering boss admitted sending an explicit picture of the 39-year-old actress to his ex-girlfriend.

The Sun quotes Vince as telling a friend he was ‘drunk’ and ‘showing off’ when he sent the topless picture to his ex-girlfriend Karen Short to lure her into a threesome with fiancee Jessie.

He’s reported to have confessed: “It looks like it’s destroyed the love of my life. It was probably the most stupid thing I’ve ever done. I’m an idiot. My sordid sex fantasies have ruined my life.”

The Sun says the couple spoke on Wednesday night – the first time since she cancelled their wedding at an upmarket venue in Richmond, south west London.

It appears the actress who plays EastEnders’ Kat Moon had also cancelled a holiday to Greece that was supposed to be their honeymoon.

Jessie, who has been engaged twice in the past, has previously told how she fell in love with Vince on their second date, telling OK! magazine: “I wasn’t looking for a relationship, but then I found the love of my life”.

After Jessie, mum to Tallulah, six, confronted her fiance on Sunday morning about the picture, hotel guests heard her screaming on the eve of her planned wedding.

One was quoted as saying: “I’ve never heard anything like it. She was wailing in grief, then growling in rage. She kept screaming ‘How could he humiliate me like this? How could he do it?’ … She was a woman in pieces.” The guest added: “EastEnders couldn’t have written a better script.”

The wedding, with 350 guests and a magazine deal, was due to take place at Pembroke Lodge in Richmond. Staff packed away champagne worth £18,000, and took away flowers worth £3,500, while an Elvis Presley singer was also cancelled. As many of the guests as possible were called but some, including Lacey Turner (who played EastEnders’ Stacey Branning), arrived at the venue.

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