Kara hints how Dawn’s going to come unstuck


star Kara Tointon says Dawn would be a fool to dump Garry for Phil…

Garry’s always been Dawn’s rock, so what does she see in Phil?

“Phil excites her. He is respected. He’s one of the biggest figures in the Square and although it may be her downfall, Dawn’s always liked that alpha male vibe.”

Minty’s warned Dawn that he knows her sordid secret. Is she worried?

“Minty can’t actually bring himself to tell Garry but Dawn doesn’t know that.”

So what does she do?

“Her instinct is just to get away and give herself some time to think. Obviously she doesn’t want Garry to know. This is the first time she’s been unfaithful to him.”

Does she feel guilty?

“She hates the situation and she feels really guilty! She knows he’d be horribly hurt if he ever found out.”

But how could she be unfaithful to Garry in the first place?

“Do you know, I thought she’d learned her lesson from Jase. That’s why I was shocked when EastEnders’ boss Diederick Santer told me Dawn was going to have an affair with Phil. I just didn’t see it coming.”

So, is Dawn one of those people that never learns?

“Yes and I hate her for it and I’m sure the viewers will too!”

We’ve seen pictures of Kara running after Garry in her wedding dress then sailing away with him… does Garry find out about her cheating on their wedding day?

“Well, she comes back from her mum’s thinking she’ll choose Garry, but then she sees Phil and she’s back to square one. Whether or not Garry finds out I’m not telling.”

Who do you think Dawn should stay with?

“I think Garry is just perfect for Dawn. He’s been there when she’s needed him and I think that’s the nicest thing you can do for somebody.”

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