Dawn thinks if she keeps her baby she’ll keep Rob… but Kara Tointon reveals she’s living in fool’s paradise!

So Dawn has let May believe she is selling the baby to her?

Yes she has and what she’s doing is really cruel. Poor May can never have kids of her own and is utterly desperate. But then Dawn feels pretty desperate herself. She wants Rob more than anything.

What is her plan then?

She thinks that if she keeps the baby, Rob will be so thrilled at being a dad he will want to be with her.

Sounds a bit unlikely…

Yeah I know. Dawn has this idyllic dream of this perfect family, but to think she is going to get it out of such a messy situation is ridiculous!

How much has May agreed to give Dawn?

I don’t know what the amount is exactly, but it’s a lot of money.

Is Dawn not tempted?

Not by the money, no. Rob means more to her than all that cash.

But what if Rob decides he doesn’t want her, what will she do then?

She hasn’t thought long-term. She really believes that she will get her man in the end.

If she doesn’t, do you think she will sell her baby?

I don’t know how this will end, but I’d like to think that Dawn will start to bond with the baby. I know she seems pretty detached at the moment but that could change.

What will she tell her family?

She thinks she can keep it quiet for ages. Dawn probably thinks the weight won’t go on until about the ninth month, but it won’t be like that and I don’t think she’ll enjoy the physical changes of pregnancy.

Won’t pregnancy cramp her style?

It will a bit. Dawn is a real good time girl and she won’t want to sit back and enjoy a relaxing pregnancy. I can imagine she’ll dress a bit like Jordan did.

Will she ever see Rob for the love rat he is?

I don’t know. Rob makes her go so weak at the knees, she can’t see sense. She falls for his lines every single time. I don’t know what it would take for her to snap out of it.

Any chance of a happy ending?

I would quite like it if things worked out between Dawn and Rob but somehow I can’t quite see it…

What will the next few months be like for Dawn?

It’s going to be all up and down. It’s not going to be easy as Dawn will be feeling vulnerable, it’s all off with Rob and she’s going to have to see him on a daily basis, while he’s still with his wife.

Are you looking forward to wearing a pregnancy bump?

I am wearing one now and it feels pretty weird. I keep patting it!