Kathy and Ben unite to rescue Phil in EastEnders!

Since Kathy (Gillian Taylforth) and stunned son Ben (Harry Reid) were reunited in EastEnders, the emotional mum is keen to build bridges, but a shocked and hurt Ben isn’t so sure – in fact, he wants her gone again.

But after an honest talk, a pent-up Ben finally opens up to Kathy, and as they share a long overdue hug, Kathy lets another secret slip… Ben’s astounded to hear that not only is threatening Gavin still on the scene, but he’s holding his dad, Phil, hostage!

Everyone assumed that Phil had stormed out of Albert Square after being thrown out by his wife, Sharon (Letitia Dean), and catching Ben getting amorous with the Cokers’ grandson, Paul (Jonny Labey).

But Ben now knows the truth and it’s going to
 cost them to get Phil back, or else…

Desperate Ben doesn’t want to lose his dad after only just getting his ‘dead’ mum back, so the determined youngster finds some cash for Kathy to pay off Gavin and get Phil back.


But when an anxious Ben turns up at the meeting point in the park to join Kathy, he doesn’t bank on coming face-to-face with dodgy Gavin.


As a smiling Gavin emerges from the shadows, he greets Ben like a long-lost son and then sinisterly declares he wants even more money and will be disappearing with Kathy once they cough up.


With Gavin’s threats hanging over them, Kathy is terrified her family will be in danger if she doesn’t agree to leave with her dangerous husband.


But Ben isn’t going to let his mum disappear from his life again and assures her that she and him can escape Gavin’s clutches once and for all and leave Walford together.


So will the desperate mother and son hatch a cunning escape plan AND secure Phil’s release before they flee? Or will Ben find both his parents in grave danger at the hands of Gavin?

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