Kathy to the rescue when Ian Beale attempts suicide on EastEnders (PHOTOS)

EastEnders has released behind the scenes photos of a stunt in which Ian Beale (Adam Woodyatt) appears to be about to end his life. The scene was filmed at Queen Elizabeth Park in Straford, east London for an upcoming episode.

But Ian appears like he won’t be allowed to go quietly…


Ian’s supposedly dead mother Kathy (Gillian Taylforth) suddenly arrives on the scene. What will this ghostly apparition do to a man on the edge?



A close-up of the stunt shows Adam is securely fastened and won’t fall, but it still takes some nerve getting up to the height at which they’re filming.



Ian and Jane (Laurie Brett) are gobsmacked when they see Kathy approaching…



This better be good! Find out why Ian has decided to try to end it all and what Kathy has been doing for so many years when the scenes screen on EastEnders in the autumn.



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