Kat’s back! Stacey gets a Christmas surprise in EastEnders

Among all the happenings on EastEnders this Christmas, surely it’s in keeping with tradition that a familiar face or two from the past makes an appearance?

But when one of those faces is Kat (Jessie Wallace), who left Albert Square with husband Alfie (Shane Richie) and their children earlier this year, fans will wonder why she is back and where exactly is Alfie and the boys…

With Kat smiling and carrying presents when she arrives on Christmas Day, surely all is well… or has yet more drama gone on in the Moon household? 

Either way, there’ll be at least one Walford local who’ll be delighted to see her and that’s troubled new mum Stacey (Lacey Turner), who’s just given birth to a baby boy when Kat arrives…


As a grinning Kat steps out of the cab and on to the familiar home turf of Albert Square, she heads to see cousin Stacey, who gave birth to a boy on Christmas Eve!


With Stacey sitting on the doorstep, cuddling her baby son, she doesn’t look like an overjoyed new mum. She looks like she has a lot on her mind, with all the secrets and lies that have built up before the birth.


Is she worried her friend, Shabnam, has finally discovered her husband, Kush, is the father of Stacey’s child? And will Kat be able to help the sitation if so – or will she have her own drama to contend with concerning absent Alfie?

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