Kazinsky: ‘There’s been no UK work since ‘Enders’

Rob Kazinsky has admitted he’s struggled to find work in the UK since leaving EastEnders.

The actor was last seen in his role as bad boy Sean Slater at the beginning of the year, and has since only managed to work abroad.

Speaking from the set of a new viral for Radox, he said: “In this country it’s been very difficult – there’s no work going on here.”

He continued: “The industry’s ground to an absolute halt so I’ve been very fortunate to get the work I’ve got so far and am relishing it.

“I can’t seem to buy a job here but seem to be doing OK elsewhere.”

Since leaving the Walford soap, he has filmed some movie roles, and is penning two features and a Sex And The City-style TV series.

Asked whether he sees himself as more of a writer than actor, the 25-year-old said: “Do you have to put yourself in one bracket? It’s the creative industry. I don’t see any problem with directing, producing, writing, acting. It’s all just one wonderful business. I’ve always enjoyed writing. I love it.”

Rob is promoting the Radox Be-Selfish campaign, which encourages women to spend the extra hour from the clocks going back on themselves.

The actor said he plans to spend his extra hour “one hundred per cent asleep”.

For the campaign Rob strips off and gets into a bath. See him bare all at www.be-selfish.co.uk from Monday October 19.