Kellie Shirley: ‘I wanted a Wicks’ suicide pact’

Carly Wicks leaves EastEnders alive and well… but actress Kellie Shirley wanted her to die with Kevin!

It’s safe to say that Kevin’s tragic New Year Eve death leads to Carly’s exit, doesn’t it?

“Kevin was desperate to travel and both Carly and Denise think it would be a fitting tribute for him if they travelled with his ashes and scattered them in the countries he so wanted to see. And Carly won’t be coming back…”

Is that because she feels that, with Kevin gone, there’s nothing left for her in Walford?

Deano’s in prison, Sean and her are through and Shirley is still the mum she doesn’t want. After Kevin’s death there is a moment of closeness between Carly and Shirely but it’s too late to start now.”

With her dad gone, you’d think Carly might need a mother right now…

‘There’s too much bitterness there on Carly’s part. It’s not that she’s being deliberately cruel to Shirley. She just can’t let her in. She’s seen how many times Shirley’s ended up disappointing Deano and she doesn’t want to end up hurt like him.”

Carly thought the world of Kevin didn’t she? Even after she and Deano found out he wasn’t their real father.

“He might not have been her biological father but Kevin has and always will be Carly’s dad. He was a wonderful dad and his death devastates Carly. She’s in shock after it happens. It’s just so unexpected and brutal.”

Then comes another shock – that Carly and Denise are going on a round-the-world trip to scatter Kevin’s ashes.

“The one positive thing that comes out of Kevin’s death is that Carly and Denise get a lot closer. Denise is there for her and together they decide that Kevin would have wanted them to do this together.”

Which kind of leaves Deano back in prison without a hope!

“It’s all about Kevin for Carly right now. She tries to put on a brave face but underneath she’s cracking up. Kevin was one of the most important people in her life and she doesn’t know how she’s going to manage without him.”

Is that why Carly will be saying farewell to Walford for good?

“I think that’s partly why she won’t be coming back. Walford holds too many painful memories for her.”

But are you pleased that the character of Carly isn’t being killed off?

“I would like to [have seen] a Wicks suicide pact and Kevin, Carly and Deano all go out together. I know if I died then it would close the door on a possible return – but it would be exciting!”

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