Lacey: ‘Becca tells Jean that Stacey is hers now’

EastEnders Lacey Turner reveals there’ll be no forgiveness (or mercy?) when Stacey discovers Becca’s secrets and lies…

Stacey’s nearly told Ryan the truth about Lily lots of times now. Will she really let him marry Janine without telling him?

“Stacey does have a history of saying things in the heat of the moment and her relationship with Janine is not exactly the best. Plus she’s not over the moon Ryan is with Janine. The wedding could be the push that causes Stacey to tell him.”

Could her silence be due to the fact that she’s still so hurt over losing Bradley?

“Everything in her life is still affected by Bradley’s death. When she finds out Max is planning on scattering Bradley’s ashes with Dot she’s distraught. She’s not ready to say goodbye.”

Why would he not want Stacey there too?

“He does but Becca’s becoming more and more controlling of Stacey and deletes the voicemail Max sends. When Stacey finds out about the scattering he swears he wanted her there, but Becca lies there was no message.”

How does Stacey feel when Max hands her Bradley’s ashes?

“She’s touched because she’s not ready to say goodbye to Bradley.”

Does she even wonder whether Becca might have been lying?

“Not for a moment. Becca’s messing with Stacey’s life more and more but Stacey can’t see it.”

It’s worse than messing when Becca washes her pills down the sink. Why does Stacey let her do it?

“Becca’s convinced her it’s the right thing to do. She encourages Stacey to believe that without the medication she’ll be able to feel proper emotions again and will appreciate the joys of being with Lily more. Becca tells her the pills

are the doctors’ way of controlling her.”

And does Stacey feel better off the pills?

“She thinks so, but her behaviour changes pretty quickly. She even leaves Lily with Becca when she has never let anyone look after her before.”

Becca tells Jean that she put the cops on to Bradley the night he died and warns her to keep quiet. Will Jean do as Becca says?

“It’s actually quite chilling and Jean’s scared. Becca tells Jean that Stacey is hers now.”

What will Stacey do when she finds out Becca is the one who betrayed Bradley?

“There will be no forgiveness…”