Lacey: ‘I cried like a baby all the way home’

EastEnders‘ Lacey Turner talks to Soaplife about the dramatic departure of tortured soul Stacey Slater…

First, Stacey fled Walford with Lily, but she didn’t even make it to the airport before Ryan convinced her to return. Now she’s about to leave Walford again – and this time it’s for good. But how does she make her exit: is she arrested for murdering Archie? Does Janine do her in because of her affair with Ryan? Or does she glide away in a taxi (at double fare on Christmas Day)? “Stacey’s big Christmas storyline has little bits of everything she’s done over the past six and a half years,” Lacey explained when we talked to her about her character’s departure.

Does that mean she wrecks another marriage and takes Ryan?

“He turns up at Stacey’s door and says he loves her. The romance starts up again and Ryan ends up announcing in the Vic that he wants Stacey and not Janine. I don’t think he means for it to be a public thing, but I think he’s so excited, he can’t hold it in.”

How does Stacey react?

“She would rather have Ryan all to herself than share him with Janine and, in the moment, it seems like a really good idea and Stacey loves Ryan back.”

What does everyone else think?

“Max isn’t happy. He confronts Stacey and says: ‘Is this how you repay us?’ He brings up Bradley and that hits a nerve. She would never want to upset Max intentionally.”

We know she’s upset Janine, who has that recorded confession from Stacey admitting she killed Archie…

“Janine holds it up to play it and Stacey’s heart drops. But by this point, Lauren has told Max about it and he has fiddled with the recording, so when Janine plays it, it just says ‘Ho! Ho! Ho!’.”

Brilliant! Then what happens?

“Janine repeats everything that was on the tape, but because it’s Janine nobody believes her.”

Still, we imagine that Stacey is starting to panic…

“Yes, she’s thinking this is the end of it now. Half of her wants to give up, but the other half is still trying to fight for Lily’s sake. A part of her wants to confess, but whether she can is another question.”

Why are you leaving?

“I feel like it’s time to move on, but I am terrible at making decisions, so I don’t know what I am doing to do yet.”

How was it filming your final scenes?

“It was very sad. I did cry like a baby all the way home!”