EastEnders’s Lacey Turner reveals Stacey will get a Christmas surprise… and we reckon it could be a real cracker!

What’s Stacey’s Christmas going to be like?

“It’s going to be a lot happier than the past few months have been although there are still one or two surprises in store for her. She’s pleased to be out of hospital and back with her family. And being with Bradley is the best present she could ask for. Now she can really concentrate on getting better.”

How does she feel about Bradley now?

“She’s really happy to be back with him. He’s her first true love, but I don’t think she realised how much he meant to her until recently when she really needed him. He’s the one person she really trusts. He’s never let her down.”

Is she optimistic about the future?

“She’s just taking one day at a time. You have to remember she’s still quite fragile.

What made her realise she loved Bradley?

“She never stopped loving him. Just before he left the Square with Syd she knew she couldn’t bear to lose him. However I think in the back of her mind she always knew he’d come back for her.”

Bradley always loved Stacey more than she loved him. Is that still the case?

“No. She’s grown up a lot and realises what’s really important in life.”

Can you see them marrying again?

“They’ve only just got back together. I don’t think they’ll rush into anything yet.”

Is her affair with Max definitely put to rest now?

“Definitely. That all started to get revenge on Bradley when he dumped her, but Stacey got in too deep and really struggled with her feelings. If she could turn the clock back and still be married to Bradley then she would do.”

Are you pleased they’re together again?

“Yes I am. I really enjoy working with Charlie [Clements]. We’re good mates. Viewers will be pleased too as the question they ask me the most is ‘When will Bradley and Stacey get back together again?’”

Only we all know Bradley will be leaving early in 2010. What would losing Bradley again do to Stacey?

“It would devastate her.”

What are you up to for Christmas, Lacey?

“I’ll be spending Christmas with my family. We have lunch at a nearby restaurant to save on the cooking and washing-up.”

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