EastEnders’ Lacey Turner tells Soaplife Stacey is in big danger when she ignores Max and starts revealing ALL her secrets!

Does anyone know Stacey has stopped taking her medication?
“Not yet.”

Is her anxious, stressed state all down to not taking the pills?
“It’s a combination. The pressure of keeping the secret that Ryan is Lily’s real dad and that she killed Archie have been building.”

What makes her tell Dot that Bradley isn’t Lily’s dad?
“Again it’s the pressure. She just blurts it out when Dot tells her she’s knitting a jumper for Lily.”

How does Max find out?
“Dot tells him and he’s worried. He suspects Stacey isn’t taking her pills and when he sees her at Ryan and Janine’s wedding reception he takes her aside and tells her that she needs to keep the truth about what happened to Archie and the father of her baby to herself.”

But she doesn’t. She tells Peggy she killed Archie. Why ever does she do that?
“She’s upstairs at The Vic putting Lily to sleep and she hears all this crashing about and groaning. It’s actually Phil who Peggy has locked in a room to get him off drugs, but Stacey doesn’t know that and freaks. She tells Peggy that Archie is upstairs. Peggy says, ‘Your husband killed Archie, remember?’ and Stacey says, ‘He didn’t – it was me.’”

How does Peggy react?
“She’s furious. She tells her she’s going to call the police. But she’s distracted when Phil breaks free.”

What happens when Stacey corners Ryan to tell him he’s Lily’s dad?
“She drags him into the loos at The Vic determined to tell him the truth. She desperately wants Ryan there for Lily even though she knows it’s going to be complicated now he’s married to Janine.”

Where is Stacey when the fire breaks out?
“In the loos crying. When she sees the fire she rushes upstairs to get Lily, but they’re trapped. She gets into the living room but the windows are boarded up because of Phil. She manages to rip the wood off and screams for help and Ryan gets a ladder and climbs up.”

Does he manage to rescue them?
“He takes Lily and intends to come back up for Stacey…”

And does he save her?
“Something or someone might stop him.”