EastEnders’ Lacey Turner tells of Stacey’s pain when she tells Bradley she still loves him and he reveals he’s divorced her!

Stacey hasn’t been taking her medication since Bradley told her he was emigrating to Canada with Syd. How does Jean find out?

“Stacey goes to pieces at Bradley’s leaving party in The Vic. She’s been in a bad way all day and it gets worse when she tells everyone Archie tried to attack her and Ryan and Syd are trying to poison her.”

Why does she focus on them?

“It’s part of her illness. She’s been obsessed with the idea that Ryan wants to hurt her since they spent the night together. And Syd’s a threat because she’s got Bradley.”

But why Archie?

“Earlier in the day he grabs her in the launderette and threatens her – you’ll find out why later. At Bradley’s leaving do she accuses Archie of trying to hurt her like he hurt Danielle. He threatens her again and she smashes a glass and holds it to his face. Jean manages to get her home and that’s when she finds out she’s not taking her pills.”

What does Jean do?

“She tries to reason with Stacey, but then Stacey starts taking all the pills she’s been hiding in her wedding album. Jean’s petrified and tries to get Stacey to vomit them up.”

Does she succeed?
“She finally gets through to Stacey and gets her to open up and talk to her. Stacey asks Jean if everything that happened between her and Bradley was her fault and says he was the one person she ever loved.”

So she does still love him…

“Yes. She rushes to Dot’s to tell him. She apologises for everything and tells him how much he means to her.”

Does she stop him leaving?

“The taxi arrives and Syd intervenes. She tells Stacey to leave and when Stacey says she has every right to talk to Bradley because she’s his wife, Syd screams at Stacey that they’re no longer married.”

What does Bradley do?

“He has to tell her it’s true. She’s devastated and begs him not to go, but he turns around and shouts at her to leave him alone…”

What happens next?

“She runs home to find the police there. Jean’s told Dr Al she fears for Stacey’s safety and he’s there with the police to take her away. Stacey’s terrified and runs into the Square. She sees Bradley about to get in the taxi and begs him to help her, telling him she loves him.”

Does Bradley stay?

“He runs over and shouts at the police to stop hurting her. But Syd drags him away…”

Will Stacey’s crisis be what brings her and Bradley back together?

“Bradley’s the only person who’s ever really understood Stacey and Max tells her how much Bradley loved her… But could they ever put their past behind them?”

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