Lacey Turner reveals to Soaplife that Stacey’s return to EastEnders promises to be full of drama!

How did you react when EastEnders asked you to come back?

“I was very excited. It was lovely to have a break and try other things, but it is also very nice to come back. It’s like when you’ve been on a long journey and you get back and think ‘Thank God I’m home!’.”

What has Stacey been up to?

“She has been in Mexico with Lily, working in a bar. She met Luke [Matt Willis] there and they all moved back to London two years ago where Stacey has been living under a false name. She is still a fugitive because she is wanted for stabbing Janine – which she didn’t do. A lot of people think she’s wanted for Archie’s murder but she’s not because nobody knows what happened with Archie.”

How does Stacey feel about coming back to the Square?

“She’s not comfortable. She didn’t choose to do it, although I think that if you live round the corner from the Square for two years, you must want someone to see you.”

How does Stacey feel about ex-lover Max?

“I think she loves Max, but not in a sexual way, although you never know with those two. Max is very close to Stacey’s heart as they will always have that connection of Bradley.”

Who isn’t pleased to see her?

“I can definitely see there being trouble with Ronnie and Roxy… a big bust up of some sort.”