Lacey Turner to star in Sky Living’s Bedlam

Lacey Turner is joining the cast of Sky Living’s supernatural drama Bedlam.

Lacey will play a new character, paramedic Ellie, who struggles to accept a special ability to see ghosts. On her quest for peace she tracks down Jed, another character with the same gift, to the former pyschiatric hospital Bedlam Heights, where she starts to meet some of the buildings inhabitants, both dead and alive

Lacey said: “I am really excited about taking part in the second series of Bedlam. It’s a great story with brilliant writing and a fantastic cast. Ellie is a really interesting and conflicted character… I’m looking forward to playing her and seeing where the story takes her.”

Sky Living HD promises the second series of Bedlam – which premieres on June 6 – will be even darker and scarier than the first.

Sky’s head of drama Anne Mensah said: “We have huge ambitions for Bedlam. The show is a unique combination of engaging relationship drama and real scares. Our fantastic cast are delivering wonderfully on the emotional material and our great production team seem determined to terrify the audience…”