Lacey’s big EastEnders moments in her own words

As EastEnders‘ Stacey gets ready for a Christmas departure, Lacey Turner looks back on six dramatic years in the soap…

“Now I’ve got to the end, I don’t know why I’m going. I feel like I’ve grown up here, so I’ll miss it all. The people, the buzz of it; everything. I might cry in a minute,” Lacey told TV Times.

What have been your favourite storylines?

“I loved all the Bradley and Stacey stuff from the beginning. The fact that the geek falls in love with the tart; I just love the way their relationship went. I also liked Max and Stacey’s affair because it was spread out over a year, so I got the chance to play a lot of different emotions. And the bi-polar storyline was great because of the effect it had on so many people; I learned so much doing that.”

So why did you decide to move on?

“I’ve been here for six and a half years and I feel like it’s time to move on and try something else. But I don’t have a plan. I’m terrible at making decisions so I don’t know what I’m going to do yet.”

Will you be taking any souvenirs?

“Yes, but definitely not Stacey’s pink puffa jacket…”

Lacey tells us about some of her most memorable moments

Nov 2004: In the beginning…

Stacey is taken in by Charlie and Mo when her mum, Jean, is hospitalised with a mental illness. “EastEnders was my favourite show and I never thought in my wildest dreams that I’d work here one day.”

December 2006: The odd couple

Stacey gets together with Bradley, but he dumps her when she embarrasses him at his office Christmas party. “She smashes up his new car, then makes a play for Max.”

December 2006: Forbidden love

It doesn’t take long for Max to fall under Stacey’s spell. “I love it when she’s bad – because I’m nothing like that in real-life!”

November 2007: I do!

Bradley and Stacey are married, in spite of Sean almost spilling the beans about Stacey’s affair. “I wore that dress for 15 days and I couldn’t breathe out!”

December 2007: Candid camera

It’s horror all round on Christmas Day, as Lauren’s wedding video exposes the affair. “That episode was so brilliantly written, and the build-up was like a bomb waiting to go off.”

September 2008: Golden girl

Stacey kisses Callum outside Bradley’s Bond-themed birthday party, wearing that catsuit. “The costume department said ‘Do you want to wear this?’ and I said ‘If I have to’. When I put it on, it was skin-tight, and I thought ‘Oh my God!'”

October 2009: Led away

After months of erratic behaviour, Stacey is sectioned. “It’s a huge honour when you receive a big storyline like this, but as it’s reflecting something many people face, you really want to do it justice. That’s what makes it slightly daunting at the same time.”

February 2010: Second time unlucky

Bradley and Stacey remarry. “He was her first love. They went through so much.”

February 2010: The fall guy

Seeing Bradley fall to his death and admitting to Max that she killed Archie. “I loved doing the live episode – if it were up to me, every episode would be live, but I’m not sure the rest would agree with that!”

June 2010: That’s my girl

Stacey gives birth to Lily, with Ryan by her side. “From the moment the baby is born, Stacey is devoted.”

November 2010: New love

Kissing Ryan after starting work at the Queen Vic together. “Stacey really fancies him and he fancies her. They can’t keep their hands off each other.”

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