Larry Lamb on Archie: ‘He’s a psychopath!’

Larry Lamb says Archie’s psycho… but when Phil goes ’ard again is he really a match for the EastEnders legend?

Why has Archie come back?

“He’s come back because he wants to be part of this dream family – Peggy and his daughters Roxy and even Ronnie. He’s totally besotted with Peggy. He knows he blew it, but he’s sure he can win her back.”

What does Peggy do?

“Initially, she throws him and Roxy out of the Vic, but pretty soon she’s back in his arms.”

What does Phil have to say about that?

“He walks in on them and it turns very ugly. Phil tells Archie to leave Walford or else, but Archie’s having none of it.”

How does Archie respond to that?

“He tells Phil ‘My business is with Peggy and until she says otherwise, I’m staying put… The question is, what are you going to do about it?'”

What IS he going to do about it?

“Get a gun and run him out of town… Phil gets Archie alone and threatens him, promising to kill him if Archie doesn’t leave his family alone. Then he drops a bullet into Archie’s whisky glass as a final warning.”

Does Archie get the message?

“No. He has just one aim and that’s winning back Peggy. He goes to the Vic and tells Peggy he can’t live without her. He tells her ‘If you don’t want me, Phil might as well shoot me.'”

Isn’t he scared of Phil?

“I don’t think Archie realises how deranged Phil can be. He’s wary of him, but he’s not scared.”

That could be dangerous…

“Yes, it is very nearly the death of him if it weren’t for Ben. He finds out Phil has a gun and while Peggy thinks she’s talked Phil round, Ben realises she’s only made things worse and that Phil is on his way to carry out his threat. Just as Phil is telling Archie he’s going to take him to Epping Forest and kill him Ben arrives shouting at his dad not to do it. He saves Archie’s life. ”

So, will Archie and Peggy live happily ever after?

“No, because Archie loses Peggy again when she realises what his return has done to her family and decides to scarper with Ben and Phil saying, ‘Grant will meet us at the airport.'”

Will Archie give up on Peggy?

“I don’t know where it’s all going because the bosses are being very cagey with me. But I do know this dream family is a figment of his imagination. Archie thinks he will prevail, but that’s because he’s a psychopath!”