Ex EastEnders Larry Lamb and Phil Daniels mastermind The Hatton Garden Job in new Britflick (VIDEO)

Larry Lamb plays the mastermind behind the Hatton heist in the new film The Hatton Garden Party. He had no trouble forming his onscreen gang and reckons the nation all have a small desire to pull something like this off for real.

Larry Lamb and Phil Daniels settled into their on-screen gang with ease for the new film, The Hatton Garden Job, based on a real life heist.

Clive Russell and David Calder joined Lamb and Daniels to complete the on-screen gang. Together they conduct the meticulously planned Hatton Garden heist.

The Hatton Garden Job (in cinemas from 14 April) is based on the real-life heist carried out in London’s jewellery centre in 2015. Speculation erupted when news of the robbery first broke.

Larry said when he first heard the news there were rumours it was an Eastern European gang. He was surprised when reports showed that the criminals were a group of men approaching retirement. The gang drilled through thick concrete and broke into 73 security boxes. Valuables worth up to £14 million were taken.

When Larry was approached about a role in the film he said: “Of course, they are all old fellas, finally there is a part for me!”

Phil jokingly added: “I knew Tom Cruise wouldn’t do it for the money.”

This isn’t the first time the actor’s paths have crossed, which made forming the on-screen gang camaraderie a relatively easy. Larry said: “We had all met socially but that was it…We were all thrown in together and fortunately the mix worked in terms of us getting on. We were fortunate. It was good that way, there was no one that stuck out.”

Daniels added: “You know us, we are all luvvies and we all got along together, always.”

Larry and Phil are used to playing villains, but their characters in the Hatton Garden Job are very different to previous roles.

Larry plays Brian Reader, the leader of the gang and mastermind behind the heist. Phil plays Danny Jones, an old timer who tries to keep active by running. He added Danny is a man who’s ‘still out there wanting to be young.’

Both actors have also played characters on the right side of the law before, but they’re unsure of their preference.

Phil said: “It is quite interesting, I prefer being a policeman, sometimes, because I haven’t played as many policemen as I have villains.”

People love watching criminals especially those from the East End, but Larry thinks the public are just ‘fascinated with criminals full stop’.

He added: “There is that little thing in most people that feels that they would like to pull something off that was a bit of a shock and a bit of a coup I suppose.”


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