Lauren’s back in EastEnders – but can she save Max from prison?

Just how determined is Lauren to save her dad Max from being sent down for Lucy’s murder in EastEnders? Well, she’s prepared to fly all the way from New Zealand while seven months pregnant, so I think we can say she’s pretty to keen to get him off the hook. But can she talk her gran Cora and little sister Abi out of giving evidence against innocent Max?


Not convinced by Jane’s insistence that Max will be found innocent anyway, Lauren first sets about trying to convince Abi not to give evidence.


But with the trial looming, Abi is feeling the pressure and breaks down, seemingly unsure what to do.


Spotting a clearly over-refreshed Cora in the Square, Lauren senses a chance to waylay her gran, who also intends to testify against Max.


She lures Cora into The Vic and buys her a drink, hoping she’ll lose all sense of time and forget about going to court.


Unfortunately, Babe sees what’s going on, and, realising Cora should be at the trial, she contacts the police.


An officer soon arrives to collect Cora, who tells Lauren in no uncertain terms that she believes Max is guilty.


In the dock, will Cora’s evidence help to sink Max’s chances of justice? Only if she’s sober enough to get her words out!


She certainly appears to be pointing an accusing finger (or ordering a strong black coffee…)


Meanwhile, poor Max looks like a man who’s already accepted his fate. And with Lauren unavoidably absent – her waters have broken! – can he rely on his younger daughter to ride to his rescue?



Looking like a rabbit trapped in some especially bright headlights, Abi steps into the dock…


Will she save her dad? Or ensure that he gets a long sentence for a crime he didn’t commit? Watch the dramatic events in court on EastEnders, BBC1, from Monday September 14

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