Laurie Brett doesn’t rule out another return to EastEnders

Laurie Brett has hinted that a further return to EastEnders isn’t out of the question.

Speaking about a possible comeback to the BBC soap, she told The Sun: “I’m back filming Waterloo Road in the spring so I can’t really answer that because I’ve got this other job.”

Laurie returned to Albert Square briefly this week, checking up on her ex-husband Ian Beale.

“We don’t start filming series 10 [of Waterloo Road] until the end of April or the middle of May.”

Laurie recently told Daybreak that she had known for a while that she would be back on EastEnders, but had to keep it quiet.

“I told very little people. All the people at EastEnders as well were really keeping it hush-hush too,” said the actress. “I don’t know how they managed it. They did an amazing job of doing it.”

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