Laurie Brett has hinted that there might be a ‘very shocking’ end to the love affair between Jane and Masood in EastEnders.

The actress, who plays Ian Beale’s put-upon wife, said the romance between Jane and Masood Ahmed (played by Nitin Ganatra) would be revisited, but that it might have a shocking outcome.

The actress told This Morning that the EastEnders characters get together once again after Masood kicks out his wife Zainab.

She said: “I think this week and next week there’s a bit of trouble and strife because of [Christian and Syed]… the Masoods get about you know? And Masood and Jane, the spark rekindles for the next few weeks and there’s a possible very shocking outcome at the end of it.”

Laurie added that Jane would also eventually find out that Lucy, who had planned to allow Jane to adopt her baby, had an abortion.

“Jane thinks it was a miscarriage, but it’s not and it’s going to cook and cook and come out,” she said.

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