EastEnders’ star Laurie Brett tells Soaplife Jane is planning revenge on Ian when she finds out about Lucy’s abortion!

How does Jane find out about the abortion?
“It all starts with Lucy’s exam results. She’s accused of cheating in her exams and Jane is on her side. When Lucy finally comes clean, Jane tells Zsa Zsa that Lucy has lied to her and she assumes it’s about the abortion and mentions it.”

Does Jane believe her?
“Yes, because it’s obvious she let slip by mistake.”

How does that make Jane feel?
“Distraught. She can’t believe that Lucy would do that behind her back when she was so good about the pregnancy. Jane didn’t pressure her into doing anything. She believed Lucy really wanted her to care for the baby when it was born. It’s a real blow.”

Does Jane confront Lucy?
“No, Lucy goes to her gran’s and Jane talks to Peter, because he’s the one person in the family she can trust and he confirms that they all knew about it. Jane is furious. She can’t believe that Ian would do this to her after everything they’ve been through.”

Why does she tell Peter not to tell anyone that she knows?
“So she can get her own back on Ian somehow.”

Does this make her fall out of love with him?
“They have been through so much and have always come back together, but this could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. At the moment, Jane doesn’t feel that she can forgive Ian.”

Were things bad before this?
“Jane’s felt for a long time that Ian’s taken her for granted. Occasionally, he makes an effort, but on the whole, he doesn’t really appreciate her, does he? I think she deserves a medal for all she does.”

What hurts the most – that Ian lied or that that Lucy had an abortion?
“It’s that they all lied. If Lucy had turned round and told Jane she wanted an abortion, she would have supported her, even though she desperately wants a child herself. She was putting Lucy’s needs first, not hers.”

What is Jane’s plan?
“She starts by telling Ian she doesn’t want to adopt a child and asks for his credit card so she can book a holiday. Money is important to Ian and stealing from him will hurt. She also secretly plans to leave.”

Will Jane really leave Ian?
“We’ll have to wait and see. She’s forgiven him so many times, but this time, she might not be able to forget.”