FIRST LOOK: Linda Carter returns for showdown with Mick in EastEnders

Linda Carter is returning to Albert Square and husband Mick is understandably sheepish!

EastEnders has released the first images of Linda Carter’s return to Albert Square – and it promises to be explosive for Mick and the family.

Linda, played by Kellie Bright, has been away caring for her ill mother, while Kellie herself has been on maternity leave since last November.

In a special three-handed episode, which also features Whitney Carter (Shona McGarty), a guilt-ridden Mick reveals his moment of of passion with Whitney while Linda was absent.


Linda understandably reacts badly to the revelation. Will she be able to forgive him or is it curtains for the Carters?

The EastEnders episode will screen on BBC1 on Tuesday, August 8.

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