‘Linda’s terrified the baby’s not Mick’s!’ says EastEnders’ Kellie Bright

Kellie Bright talks to Soaplife about the trauma surrounding the arrival of Linda’s baby in EastEnders… 

Linda Carter giving birth should be a happy event… but the arrival of her latest child is fraught with drama. First, she collapses down the stairs at The Vic and fears for the baby’s life. Then she has to confront the burning question of the baby’s paternity.

“I think she’s scared it might not be Mick’s. She’s just terrified!” says Linda actress Kellie Bright.

What’s the current state of Mick and Linda’s relationship?
“They put on a good front, but things are quite strained underneath it all for her and Mick [Danny Dyer].”

Is Mick holding her back from moving on from Dean’s attack?
“I don’t think it’s intentional, but I don’t think they’re in the best place. It’s still so raw.”

But Linda wants them to move forward?
“Linda’s trying to move everything forward and accept what happened. She’s feeling stronger. She’s confronted Dean [Matt Di Angelo] and that’s given her a little bit of herself back.”

How involved were you with the stunt when Linda falls down the stairs?
“I leant across the stairs, put my arms out and fell onto a crash mat. That’s as involved as I got! I watched the stunt actor and it was incredible!”

What was it like filming the birth scene?
“I loved it. I thought the scripts were brilliant. I love working with Danny and it gave us a chance to do some really lovely stuff together.”

Are Mick and Linda avoiding talking about the issue of who the baby’s father is?
“Totally! They’re burying their heads in the sand. How do you start that conversation and how do you finish it? It’s an impossible conversation to have in a way.”

Why is Linda reluctant to find out who the father is?
“There’s a scene at the hospital where they talk about what it would mean for them. It’s her biggest fear. Now she’s got her baby, her priority is that baby. She’ll do whatever she has to do to be the mother of that baby.”

What happens if Mick can’t love the baby?
“It can only mean one thing for them and that’s just devastating. That’s why she doesn’t want to know, because she’s scared and terrified it could be Dean’s.”

Will the baby help bring the Carters back together?
“No! This is EastEnders! There’s bound to be more tension and arguments. I can’t ever see it being a bed of roses.”

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