Lola critically injured afer being hit by Ronnie’s car in EastEnders?

EastEnders‘ Lola Pearce will be left fighting for her life after she’s run over by Ronnie Mitchell’s car.

The young mum, played by Danielle Harold, will find her life hanging in the balance following the Albert Square accident, which leaves Ronnie (Samantha Womack) fearing the worst.

The crash happens when Ronnie drives off from her house in a rage, after a fight with sister Roxy (Rita Simons), and fails to spot Lola crossing the road, reported Metro.

EastEnders viewers will have to wait to see if Lola will pull through, with the consequences being kept tightly under wraps.

The incident comes weeks after Lola’s baby daughter Lexi was snatched by Ronnie’s enemies in the late Carl White’s family, although Lola was unaware of this.


Press Association