Look out Bianca, Sam’s back!

EastEnders Daniella Westbrook says her comeback as Sam Mitchell after 10 years is exciting… and frightening!

How does it feel returning to EastEnders 10 years after you left?

“I was frightened about coming back. EastEnders is such a big show and I knew everyone would be watching and thinking ‘Is she still a drug addict?’ It’s like closing a chapter for me because I was well when I started in the show and now I am okay again.”

Why has Sam come back knowing she is still a wanted woman?

“Everyone thought Sam was having a great life on the run in Brazil… but she wasn’t.”

What happened when she was out there?

“Peggy genuinely thought she was being looked after by her fiance, but it turns out he was forcing her to do table dancing. That’s why Phil sent Ricky out there. The idea was he’d give Sam £30,000 to get her out of trouble then leave her to it. But Sam saw Ricky as her ticket home.”

And a ticket to prison given that she‘s still wanted for her part in the murder of Den Watts?

“Sam doesn’t really take the threat of going to prison seriously and thinks it will go away. Phil warns her to stay hidden but next thing she’s downstairs in the pub dancing on the tables.”

And Sam is told by Phil’s lawyer that she’ll have to flee the country once again or go to prison…

“Yes. Suddenly the novelty of being back starts to wear off.”

But while Sam’s back she gets engaged to Ricky! What about Bianca?

“Sam loves Ricky. I know it’s going to be tough because everyone will want him to be with Bianca, but he and Sam have history too…”

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