After Phil Mitchell received a diagnosis of cirrhosis of the liver at Christmas, and his recent shock collapse in front of teenage daughter Louise (Tilly Keeper), things aren’t looking pretty for the Mitchell patriarch on EastEnders.

So when schoolgirl Louise turns up in Walford next week to let her dad’s loved ones know the score with Phil’s health, how will the update be received? Will his fed-up wife, Sharon (Letitia Dean), even believe the news?


When Phil saw daughter Louise last week he was a mission to right some wrongs after being diagnosed with the potentially fatal liver condition.


With family and his uncertain future on his mind, Phil made contact with Louise but ended up collapsing! She’s now arrived in Albert Square to tell his family the bad news.


Phil’s loved ones, including wife Sharon, are shocked when they hear from Louise that Phil is in hospital… and he’s dying!


Sharon refuses to listen to Louise, but, later, when Kathy and Shirley join Sharon at the hospital, they learn the teen wasn’t lying!


But Sharon’s all out of sympathy when Phil discharges himself and, appearing to have a death wish, ends up drunk later that day in The Vic!


After all the drama of the day, Sharon leaves the hospital with son Denny, who was injured in the Christmas Day crash caused by Phil, and she makes a decision…


Has she decided to leave Phil for good?


In contrast to Sharon, Phil’s ex Shirley seems to have sympathy for the alcoholic, as Buster comforts her.

With Sharon appearing to have turned her back on Phil, will Shirley be able to save him from an early grave? Watch EastEnders from Monday, January 18 on BBC1