Lucas cheats… then kills Trina?

EastEnders‘ Don Gilet admits Lucas can’t resist his ex Trina… but he’s not admitting murder!

Trina turns up at Jordan’s birthday party. Is Lucas shocked to see her again?

“It’s Lucas who invites her. Jordan has been having more contact with her and is growing fonder of her. Lucas wants them to all try and get on for Jordan’s sake. On paper it sounds like a good idea…”

But in reality it’s a disaster and leads to an even bigger disaster. What happens?

“Trina’s late then spends ages in the bathroom. When she comes downstairs it’s obvious she’s taken drugs. Lucas is shocked and tries to wrestle her out of the house. She screams at him that she won’t give him a divorce and will make his life hell. Lucas knows if she says that she means it.”

Is part of the problem that Lucas still has feelings for Trina? That maybe he’d like a repeat of their Christmas romp?

“Part of him really does want to get rid of her but, yes, part of him wants her. His defence against her is so weak it’s gossamer thin now.”

He suddenly tells Denise he wants them to make love now instead of waiting. Is it a reaction to his lust for Trina?

“It’s a classic thing I’ve read about in women’s magazines – sleeping with one person when you’re thinking of another. Trina’s really getting to him. A more carnal, physical and sexual part of him is coming alive and Trina’s the key that unlocks his Pandora’s box.”

But Denise has no idea and carries on with the no-sex-before-marriage pact?

“Yes and it’s his fault because they’re his rules.”

So when Trina turns up when he’s home alone he’s at her mercy… Why does he even let her in?

“She tells him she’s been living rough and just wants to take a shower… and he lets her. She has her shower then drops her towel and that’s it. Ooh-la-la… they have sex!”

And afterwards?

“He feels guilty. He wants her out of his life. Whenever she gets close, with her voice, her breath on him, that’s it. He just can’t have her close any more because it’s destroying him. Denise is his world and if she found out he could lose her for ever.”

We know Trina gets killed. Is it Lucas who kills her?

“Maybe. I don’t think he’s a calculated murderer but there’s a volatility between him and Trina, both sexually and physically. Lucas is coming apart…”

What would he do if he accidentally killed her? Would he confess?

“Maybe not. He learned a lot of tricks when he was young about how to duck and dive his way out of trouble!”

How are you finding this storyline?

“I’m very pleased. It’s going to get very dark and I hope I can pull it off, scare people… and do panto at Christmas!”

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