Lucas’s secret lover!

Denise will never forgive Lucas for sleeping with his wife warns EastEnders star Don Gilet!

Lucas’ wife Trina turns up… Is he pleased to see her?

“He’s chatting to Denise at his soup kitchen when he spots Trina. He’s shocked and desperate to get rid of Denise.”

Denise knows about his wife so why is he so worried about them meeting?

“Because he went to see Trina on Christmas Day… and he slept with her.”

So Lucas isn’t such a goody-goody?

“No. He says he’s doing what God wants and not having sex with Denise until they’re married. But he hadn’t been with a woman since Trina… he was tempted… and he ended up in bed with her.”

Are they still lovers?

“It was definitely a one-off.”

When did he last see Trina before their night of passion?

“A couple of years ago.”

So why has she come to Walford now?

“They’re still married, they’ve got a kid together and she wants him back.”

Does he want Trina back?

“He wants Denise. He really believes she’s his soulmate.”

How far along is Lucas’ divorce?

“He’s made a few phone calls.”

Why did he leave Trina in the first place?

“She was a junkie and they lived this wild life together. But Lucas got himself off drugs and left with Jordan. Now Trina’s on a rehab programme and wants them back.”

Patrick catches Lucas and Trina together. Is Lucas worried?

“Patrick’s furious to see Lucas with another woman, even though Lucas insists he and Trina are history.”

That’s not what Trina tells Patrick though…

“They meet later in the café and Patrick tells Trina that Denise and Lucas deserve a chance of happiness. But Trina tells him where Lucas was on Christmas Day.”

Lucas must be desperate to keep Trina away from Denise…

“He is. He’s afraid she’ll tell Denise they slept together and that would be one contradiction too many. Lucas won’t go to bed with Denise yet he will with his wife. He knows Denise will be furious and probably end their relationship.”

Can he trust Patrick not to tell Denise?

“Patrick warns Lucas he won’t stand by and say nothing… but Lucas discovers Patrick has some skeletons of his own.”

Would he really threaten Patrick?

“He’s desperate and desperate times call for desperate measures…”

What is he going to do?

“Viewers are going to see the scheming, dark side of Lucas. It’s what he’s been capable of all along. It’s what’s been hiding under that saintly exterior…”

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