Marc Elliott reveals his EastEnders exit strategy

EastEnders‘ Marc Elliott reveals to Soaplife that Syed doesn’t hang around for the reception after he weds Christian… His secrets come out and he does a runner! But does Christian run with him?

Syed’s feeling more than just pre-wedding nerves at the moment. He’s kissed a man (not Christian!) and stolen money from his family. Will he get a happy-ever-after moment with Christian, or is it all about to unravel? Marc has already finished filming on EastEnders. “I’ve left the show and I’m rehearsing a play. It’s called Tape and it’s on at the Trafalgar Studios in London,” he says. But, sadly, he’s not saying whether Syed leaves Walford with or without Christian…

Syed’s other man – Danny – turns up at Syed’s stag do! Why?

“He just rocks up. Syed’s terrified, worried what he’s doing there. It all gets too much for him… He’s getting the Mr & Mr quiz questions wrong and Roxy’s taking the p**s. Syed needs a moment to breathe and, as he leaves, Danny follows him.”

Where do they end up?

“In the Argee Bhajee – and there’s a lot of sexual tension between them. Danny tells Syed not to marry Christian and suggests he start a life with him instead. He also tells him that he’s lost Syed’s money because the investment fell through. As Danny goes to kiss Syed, Masood walks in!”

What does Masood say?

“It’s more what Danny says… He says that Syed clearly wanted to be caught out and then Syed punches him.”

Does Syed want to marry Christian?

“He doesn’t know what he wants. Should he go for a penthouse on the Riviera and a life with Danny? Or should he choose a flat with his husband next to his parents’? Christian is his true love, but he thinks the grass might be greener.”

What makes Syed confess to Christian?

“He’s filled with guilt over what happened with Danny and the money. He only tells Christian about the money, but Masood lets slip about the kiss.”

But Christian forgives him!

“Christian’s understanding. He says they can sort out the financial woes and he doesn’t care about the kiss because he knows that Syed loves him and it was just a mistake. He gives Syed an ultimatum: he tells him he’ll be waiting at the Argee Bhajee, where they’re having their civil partnership ceremony, but Syed should only turn up if he really loves him.”

And he does turn up!

“…But at the end of the ceremony, the bailiffs turn up and announce that the restaurant owes thousands of pounds. Zainab blames Tamwar, but Christian knows Syed took the money. However, when he turns round, Syed’s done a runner!”

Is this Syed’s exit?

“I can’t say. You won’t know until the last minute what is to become of him or him and Christian…”

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