EastEnders’ Marc Elliott warns being found out is not the end… Syed will do anything not to give up Christian

How did Syed feel when he first saw the words ‘Bad Boy’ on his family’s front door?

“He panicked. He had this naughty alleyway encounter with Christian and he’s sure somebody saw them. This is one of his worst fears. He thinks his life will be over if his secret comes out.”

Is he sure the message is meant for him?

“At first he is but then Zainab thinks it might be aimed at Tamwar. She tells him she’s sure Tamwar’s up to something.”

Does Syed think she might be right?

“He wants it to be Tamwar. Then later Syed comes across Tamwar looking at something on his phone which he hides from Syed and that gives him more hope. But it turns out all Tamwar’s doing is running his own website doing impersonations of Walford residents.”

Will Syed be Zainab’s next suspect?

“Not yet. She becomes convinced Masood must be the ‘Bad Boy’ and sends Syed to find him. Syed overhears Jane and Masood talking about going to the cinema together and takes advantage of the opportunity. He tells his mum Masood is definitely the ‘Bad Boy’.”

Doesn’t he feel guilty about dropping his own father in it?

“I think he’d do anything to save his own skin at this point.”

Zainab thinks Masood’s having an affair with Jane. That’s serious…

“It is. Zainab accuses Masood of cheating on her and he’s furious. Jane’s upset too and assures Zainab she and Masood are just friends and Zainab believes her. But when she apologies to Masood he tells her it’s obvious she doesn’t trust him and questions whether they have a marriage without trust.”

Is Christian as worried as Syed about being found out?

“He doesn’t think they have been. He tells Syed no one knows, that it’s all in his head and that ramps up the tension between them.”

But he carries on seeing Christian?

“He’s decided his relationship with Christian will work in Christian’s flat – but not in the outside world.”

Does he really think he can lead a double life for ever?

“His head’s all over the place. He loves Amira and he really wants to settle down with her. He loves the idea of being married, but deep down he’s gay and Christian’s the person he’s really fallen for.”

Would you say they’re in love?

“Yes. The relationship is growing deeper.”

Will he ever have the courage to tell his family the truth?

“No. He knows for Zainab it would be the biggest letdown. She’s already made her views on homosexuality clear and it’s not acceptable in the Koran.”

What would Syed do if he were blackmailed by whoever wrote the ‘Bad Boy’ message?

“He’d go along with it. He’s desperate and would do anything to keep his secret…”

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