James Alexandrou reveals that life without Rebecca is no life at all for Martin. When Sonia snatches her later this week, it’s no surprise his reaction is so extreme.

Does he blame Sonia for everything?
“He’s lost everyone and all because of her,’ says James. ‘He should be grieving for his mum and instead he’s tortured by his missing child. He has no idea where Sonia’s gone and is terrified he’ll never see his little girl again.”

But he thinks someone else was involved – Phil…
“Martin’s furious that Phil would help Sonia steal Rebecca when he knows what it’s like to have a child snatched from him. And he’s prepared to do anything to get Rebecca back. He starts asking questions of Stella and searches the Arches for clues.’

He’s desperate all right, but what happens after the confrontation with Phil?
“He takes Ben to the railway bridge and calls Phil. He’s desperate and knows that the way to get what he wants from Phil is through Ben.”

Does it work?
“Martin wants to know where Sonia is with Rebecca and keeps threatening Ben until Phil desperately says he’ll phone Sonia and beg her to see sense. Martin is furious. He knew Phil was involved. He demands Phil’s phone, but Sonia immediately hangs up on him.”

But he caves in and lets Ben go, doesn’t he?
“Martin is wondering where it all went wrong. Without his mum and Rebecca he feels he has nothing to live for. He’s at rock bottom. But he knows he has to carry on for Rebecca’s sake. He is her dad and she is the most important person in his life. He knows he has to get her back from Sonia, whatever it takes.”

And what of Sonia?
“As far as Martin’s concerned, she’s ruined his life and he has only two interests in her now. He needs her back to get Rebecca from her. And if she did kill his mum, as he suspects, he wants her back to see her punished for it!”
It’s not looking good for Sonia then!