Martine McCutcheon is no novice when it comes to puckering up with her co-stars.

And according to the Daily Express, the former EastEnders star has been comparing the techniques of her on-screen partners.

Referring to Jason Donovan, with whom she stars in the forthcoming Echo Beach, Martine apparently admitted: “Kissing Jason was very nice. It’s one of the perks of the job.”

And although, by her own admission, she’s had to kiss ‘some really nice men’, Martine still admits to nerves.

The star confessed: “I always get a little bit nervous because there’s a crew around you and it’s work, but people are meant to believe that you’re really in love with each other and I can find something attractive in most people.”

She added: “Jason is lovely, so it’s not hard. You’ve got to be quite intimate so it is nerve-racking. But I’ve done it before – we laugh and joke.”

And Martine now has quite a respectable list of screen snogs.
“I’ve had Hugo Speer (also in Echo Beach), Hugh Grant (Love Actually) and Ross Kemp (EastEnders),” she revealed. “They’re different. Hugh Grant was quite polite and gentlemanly, but quite passionate as well. Ross was really passionate and Jason was very romantic.

“And Hugo is a very sexy kisser. Very sexy! He’s Northern – it’s those rough Northern boys for you, no politeness there!”

Hmm, it’s had not to notice no mention of Michael Greco!