Jake Wood: Max Branning has nothing to lose this Christmas and that makes him very dangerous

EastEnders star Jake Wood has promised a cracking Christmas Day episode

EastEnders star Jake Wood, who plays Max Branning, believes this year’s Christmas episodes of the BBC soap are some of the best ever.

“These are definitely the best Christmas scripts I have read in my 12 years on EastEnders,” said Jake, whose fallen businessman character is currently hellbent on revenge on various residents of Albert Square. Simon Ashdown, the scriptwriter who first introduced the Branning family and was behind the big reveal of Max and Stacey’s affair in 2007 has written these Christmas episodes. They are action-packed and there’s not a pause for breath.”

Over the past year since being released from prison, Max has been out for revenge on the Beale family, Phil Mitchell and anyone else he blames for putting him behind bars for a crime he didn’t commit – the murder of Ian Beale’s daughter, Lucy, who Max had been having an affair with just before she was killed by her younger brother, Bobby in 2014.

“In the Christmas episodes Max is very unpredictable,” revealed Jake. “He has lost everything and I think he’s at the lowest you’ve seen him in 12 years. He’s got nothing to lose and I think that makes him a very dangerous character.”

With Max and his daughters Lauren and Abi at the centre of the action, rumour has it the Branning sisters will depart Albert Square for good this Christmas following the announcement this autumn both Jacqueline Jossa (Lauren) and Lorna Fitzgerald (Abi) are being written-out of the soap as part of a cast shake-up under new show boss, John Yorke.

“I’ll miss them both,” said Jake. “I’ve watched Lorna grow-up since the age of 10. She’s like a member of my own family. Jacqui the same. But they are both very talented actresses so I am excited to see what they go on to do next.”