EastEnders star Jake Wood reveals that Max Branning is determined to have his wife and Stacey Slater… whatever it takes!

Stacey is running out of patience with Max, but when she does eventually dump him, he’s not that bothered, is he?
“Max can take it or leave it with Stacey but he knows he’s still got her where he wants her. He wants this affair to continue because he’s enjoying the thrill. But it’s not love. It’s never been love for Max. Sure he fancies Stacey and always has, but it’s Tanya he truly loves.”

Funny way of showing it! But if he does love his wife why is he even trying to get Stacey back?
“He’s not actually trying that hard. As I said, she’s not THAT important to him. And if it got to the point where he thought Tanya was in danger of finding out he’d back out immediately.”

Sean starts to complicate the love rat’s routine when he sniffs out what’s going on. So what does he do? “Max is very upset about Sean’s attempts to make a move on Tanya. He’s very possessive about his wife and couldn’t bear it if she cheated on him. His relationship is very important to him. I know it sounds odd given that he’s having this affair but he really does believe that he can get away with it without risking his marriage. Max thinks he can talk his way out of any situation.”

And it’s talk that very nearly drops him right in it when Sean overhears Max talking dirty in a phone message to Stacey. Sean knows it’s not Tanya Max is ringing… “Sean thinks he’s on to something which is worrying, but then Max is constantly worried about getting found out. It’s part of the excitement for him. It’s a bit close when Sean tells Tanya about the message and she insists on seeing Max’s mobile, but he’s had a tip-off from Stacey and the text has vanished.”

But it finally rattles Max and when Stacey says Sean is going on a date, Max is convinced it’s with Tanya… “Sean’s at the salon in a treatment room with a woman and after all the flirting and passes Sean’s been making, Max is sure Tanya is the woman. He barges in and lands one on Sean… then sees that the woman is actually Chelsea. He’s embarrassed, but at least he’s let Sean see that he’s not scared of him.”

And that’s a good thing? We reckon you don’t want to mess with psycho Sean, but Jake says Max hasn’t done with Stacey yet. “The affair is going to continue into the near future. I’m really chuffed as people seem to be enjoying it. I like the fact that Max isn’t an out an out bad boy like Dirty Den was. He’s much more rounded. He’s a loving husband and father, yet he can be quite cold when it comes to affairs. I think there are a lot of men like that in real life.”