EastEnders newcomer Stefan Booth explains to Soaplife that Greg knows all about Tanya’s ex – but not all about Tanya…

Lucky old Tanya. She’s showed up again and she’s now engaged to a hunky toyboy. He’s Greg, a handsome builder played by Stefan, who some will remember as Jamie Nash in Hollyoaks and all should remember from Dancing On Ice 2006. “I’m so excited about being in EastEnders,” Stefan told Soaplife, when we went on set to talk about his new role…

Tanya’s ex-husband Max is a serial love rat. What’s Greg like?
“He’s a good businessman and he’s a loyal guy, a bloke’s bloke.”

What does he like about Tanya?
“They have a very physical relationship… She’s fun, she’s girly and he wants to look after her. He wants to be part of her and her family’s life. He likes that she’s a mum and he certainly has a soft spot for Oscar. He likes this idea of being a surrogate father.”

Has he heard all about Max?
“He’s heard and already met him. He’s had a drink with him at The Vic though he didn’t realise it. He had no idea who Max was until Max twigged and said, ‘Oh, you’re my ex’s new bloke’. But Greg isn’t the kind of guy to react to something like that. He’s very easy-going and it takes a lot to wind him up.”

So, he’s met Max. But we wonder if Greg knows that Tanya tried to bury her ex alive?
“Er, no. I don’t think that’s come up in conversation yet!”

Has Greg been married before? Does he have kids?
“Not that I know of. But you know what it’s like in soap… After 10 episodes you might find out that your character’s an axe murderer.”

And Greg is working in Albert Square…?
“Yes, he’s renovating The Vic for Alfie. Zainab tricks him into using his crane to remove Kim’s caravan, not knowing Kat is inside it at the time.”

We’ve heard that Tanya wants them to move to Walford. How does Greg feel about that?
“It’s a bit of a shock, but he’ll obviously have to think about it.”

Who do you get on with at EastEnders?
“Jessie Wallace is really cool and Nina Wadia’s brilliant. Everyone’s been lovely so far.”

Will Greg really marry Tanya?
“He hopes so. He wants to take it all the way with Tanya. She’s the girl for him. She completes him.”