Meet the E20 cast – Asher Levi

Star of EastEnders’ spin-off Heshima Thompson tells Soaplife that Asher is a former jail bird trying to go straight… and he might just fail!

Tell is about you character Asher…

“He’s Sol’s older brother. He’s very confident, and can be charming and sexy. He’s been looking after his brother for a while.”

We hear he’s trouble…

“I think that his responsibility of looking after his brother, like a parent, has taken a toll on him. He has had a run in with the law, but has found an avenue out of that life through dance. He’s a street dancer.”

Asher’s been in jail – why?

“He ended up doing some things because he needed money to survive and be a parent parent to Sol. That was the reason for his downfall.”

Do you think that Asher will be able to stay out of trouble?

“I think that he will try his best, but you flock to what you know sometimes.”

How do you the episodes differ from last season?

“This series is faster paced. We have dancing which adds a completely different element to the show. You’ve never had dance on Albert Square, and we are completely bringing it!”

Will any of the characters from EastEnders be appearing in E20?

“Yes, we do have quite a few. Billy makes an appearance, and so does pretty much all of the Masood family. Roxy, Heather, Patrick, Fatboy, Mo, Jane Beale, and Whitley all make an appearance.”

When is the show going to be airing?

“Monday nights on BBC3 – omnibus, and EastEnders on website – Tues & Thurs from 7th Sept.”