Toisin Cole from strong>EastEnders’ spin-off E20 tells Soaplife that new boy Sol has a temper that’s going to get him into trouble!

Can you tell us about your character?
“My character is the younger brother of Asher. Sol is a bit shy and very thoughtful. He can’t really think for himself and needs someone to be there for him, which is normally his older brother. You can say he’s very family oriented. He likes his family to be around and at home. He needs his brother to be around and would be totally lost if someone were not there to guide him.”

All the best characters in soap have a secret – what’s Sol’s secret?
“I think his secret is that he knows Asher does a lot for him and is always there to help him. So he would rather not do anything for himself because Asher does it for him. He knows that he can do it, but would rather not because Asher is always there to pick him up.”

What is it about Sol that attracts him to Naz?
“Sol likes Naz because she is so different. He hasn’t seen anybody like her because she’s so out, so hip, so sassy. He’s the complete opposite of what she is. Their difference is what attracts them to each other.”

How does Sol know Stevie?
“Through his brother, he meets her through Asher.”

Sol’s got a fearsome temper – what sort of trouble will it get him into and how bad will things get for Sol when he arrives in Walford?
“His temper gets him into more trouble than he’s already in. It does affect him quite a lot because he does not even understand what he is doing. When he loses his temper, he doesn’t really think ahead, causing him to get into a lot of trouble.”

What is his one chance of happiness? Is it a relationship with Naz?
“Love, family, career, and everything that is going on around him that would be good for him.”

E20 has been a big success in the past. Is there pressure to match that success?
“E20 Series one was a huge success, but we aim to build on that success and we think the audience will love the new series.”