EastEnders’ actress Emer Kenny says Shirley’s niece Zsa Zsa will make her aunt look like a nun!

Shirley didn’t offer Zsa Zsa a place to stay when she turned up so we’re assuming they don’t get on. Why not?

“Zsa Zsa knows about Shirley’s past, how she abandoned her kids, so she winds her up. And she’s trouble. In [the online soap] E20 she has a car chase, insults everyone, gets into fights and squats in Amira’s flat with Mercy, Fatboy and Leon.”

We hear you actually wrote an episode for E20 too…

“I wrote it before I knew I was playing Zsa Zsa. Afterwards when I got the part I thought, ‘Damn, I could have written that line better for her.’”

You’ll be back in EastEnders after E20… Will it be for long?

“I’ll be around for the next six months along with Fatboy and Leon from E20.”

Will they continue to misbehave?

“Oh yeah, they start hanging out at The Vic and the market. They’re bad guys causing trouble. Zsa Zsa loves to steal things and the three of them love a bit of a hustle.”

Are Zsa Zsa and Leon an item?

“There’s chemistry there, but serious conflict too. Leon’s a real player and Zsa Zsa has a problem with that because no one can play her.”

She’s already caught Peter’s eye. Will she mix with the other teens?

“Despite a stormy beginning I think Whitney is definitely a character she’ll relate to because they’re both outsiders.”

Zsa Zsa arrived in Walford on the run from her stepdad Andy who accused her of stealing from him. Is she hiding any secrets?

“She has a few secrets up her sleeve, but it might be a while before any come out.”

Where’s Zsa Zsa’s mum?

“Her name’s Tina and she’s Shirley’s sister and even Heather doesn’t like her. She ran off to Benidorm with a toyboy called Miguel, but I think it would be great if Tina came to Walford too. A showdown between Shirley, Tina and Zsa Zsa would be awesome.”

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