Melissa on Lucy: ‘She’s an evil Disney villain!’

EastEnders‘ mean teen Melissa Suffield has confessed she hates it when her character Lucy Beale is nice.

The 17-year-old actress told Inside Soap she loves playing the rebellious teen because she’s like an ‘evil Disney villain’.

Melissa revealed: “I can’t bear it when she has those little moments of being nice. I sit there thinking ‘No, no, get mean again!’ That’s the real Lucy, and the bit that’s the most fun to play. It’s so far removed from the real world, I absolutely love it. She’s like one of those evil Disney villains!”

Lucy is the daughter of hard-hearted businessman Ian Beale and the infamous Cindy – who was so twisted she plotted to kill her own husband. And Melissa hopes her character follows in her mother’s footsteps.

“I would absolutely love [her to be as wicked as Cindy],” she said.

“I think Lucy is a different kind of bad to Cindy, though, as she’s got the potential to be more malicious and scheming.

“She’s got a lot of Ian in her too, so she’s always calculating and wanting to make money.

“If you take all the bad parts of those two and stick them into one child then Lucy could even prove to be the ultimate villain.

“Adam Woodyatt, who plays Ian, calls me ‘daughter of darkness’ and I think he’s hit the nail on the head there!”

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